VRK Nutritional Solutions was founded by Vinod Ramkrishna Kulkarni(VRK) in December 2008. Having born and raised in an impoverished farmer’s family, Mr. Kulkarni soon developed a keen insight in to the socioeconomic structure of the farmers in India along with an in depth knowledge of their strengths and obstacles faced by them. This gave him an upper hand to gain an experience of 20 years in the field of dairy, poultry and other animal nutrition activities. VRK ardently believes that lack of education, ignorance about new technology and natural calamities have marred the growth of the farmers in India. Nutrition, management and genetics are extremely vital in this business. VRK is successfully working in the field of nutrition to dairy, poultry and other animals to ensure better hygiene and quality standards to the food needs of the rising population.
VRK Nutritional

VRK Associates is a sister concern of VRK Nutritional Solutions formed to focus on marketing of poultry feed. This team works in the field of advising the customers on farm management with an in depth focus on performance enhancement and also provides after sales services. Veterinarians being a part of the team, is an added advantage.

VRK Associates

Safal Feeds is a sister concern of VRK Nutritional Solutions which is established to deal with Dairy farmers. In this company, a separate team owning the apt authority and responsibility deals in the field of dairy industry in India. Our country has a huge interest invested in milk industry and it is one of the prime businesses involving a lot of people. Having been inspired by this scenario, we thought of manufacturing special feed for the dairy cows to improve the quality of milk. With a deep understanding of protein and fats, our products have a perfect combination of energy, nutrients and minerals. Our quality products include Saras Pellet, Satvik, Safal Dhara and Dairy Classic. Advanced laboratory, consistency in high standards and prompt service are the hallmarks of Safal Feeds.

Safal Feeds

Vrishali Enterprise is also our sister concern and works to provide added raw materials to Indian poultry farmers along with advising them about its usage. The anti nutritional effects of these raw materials are eliminated by specially treating them with chemicals, enzymes and heat. These raw materials comprise of soya and guar meal and the company provides specifications, lab reports and the usage of these raw materials to farmers who produce their own feed. As these raw materials are properly tested in the lab before being marketed, they give sure shot cost advantage.

Vaishali Enterprises

VRK BIOTECH PVT LTD was founded in MARCH 2016 with the sole purpose of R&D in the field of ANIMAL NUTRITION. The company is very much committed to the R&D in this field under the leadership of visionary veterinarian Dr Vinod R Kulkarni. As a result, we have performed many trials with the help of Government Colleges and Institutions in Maharashtra. These trials help us in researching and developing new and modern techniques to improve the efficiency of commercial rearing of livestock in a cost effective manner which will help the farmers of our country and solve many social economic issues.

Vaishali Enterprises