Breeder Range is designed to give all the sespecifications with following extra advantages.

  • ) Add up to 3% full fat soya(SoyaGold)to boost Linoleic acid level along with other fatty acids which normally people design with rice polish which highly deteriorate with time and affects feed consumption and keeping quality of the feed and also rice polish is adulterated high in silica,fibre and rancid.
  • ) Along with inorganic trace minerals VRK`s Breeder Range is supplemented with organic trace minerals.
  • ) Sodium is adjusted through soda bicarbonate along with salt which helps in controlling chloride levels.
  • ) Breeder Range can be conveniently used with few raw materials like Maize, Soya, DORB, Full fat Soya (SoyaGold), DCP and Calcite powder and shellgrit, source of DCP will be rock base which reduces the risk of clostridium and necroticenteritis.
  • ) It is supplemented with high quality acid if iers which reduces the pH of the feed and hence inhibits the microbial growth.
  • ) It is supplemented with probiotic which enhances the proliferation offavorable bacteria and inhibits growth of unfavourable bacteria especially Salmonella, EColi and Klebsella.
  • ) A strong Toxin Bindera long with Betaine helps in development of immunity, stress reduction and overall reproductive track development and keeps away from any infections.
  • ) Amino acid balancing is the key behind successful production and maintaining breeder shealthy.
  • ) Coccidiostat choice is as per customer’s recommendation

There commended dosage levels are as under