Recently we have understood the real Dry matter conversions in poultry business. The real conversions of Dry matter to their respective products that is Broiler to Boiler chicken, commercial layer to table eggs and Breeders to Hatching eggs is approximately 5.1-10..1 & 20 : 1.respectively. Though the nutritive value & digestibility value of these products can be a subject of debate but the value and wasted in the form of Litter (or just low cost fertilizer) does not. Justify the real efficiency from best management high genetic potential and high nutrition of today chicken.

We strongly feel that there is very high power is wasted in the form of Litter. Which if managed properly can solve various issues related with environmental & social issues besides profitability to the farmers through sales of Biomethane & Biofertilizers and own electricity. And for the country like India where lot of foreign currency is required to import fossil gases/ fuel and fertilizers can be big saving.

To evaluate this potential of Litter we set a pilot plant at Arag, Dist. – Sangli, in Maharashtra, India. We have 65000 layers in battery cages the Litter is transported mechanically to an anaerobic digester of 500 cubic meter/ Day capacity. With the help of Acetogenic and Methonogenic bacteria this Litter or for that matter any organic matter (Bio mass) gets converted into biogas.Thhere are 4 key biological and chemical stages of this anaerobic digestion A. Hydrolysis B. Acidogenesis  C. Acitogenesis D. Methanogenesis .Biogas produced from this process  contains methane 60-62% CO2-30-32 %, H2O 3-4 % and  other gas in traces like  H2S. Raw biogas is used as a fuel to 62.5 KVA Genset to produce 50 Unit of electricity per hour. We have further gone into purifying and converting this Raw- Biogas (62 % Biome thane) to 92 % bio methane by purification method called VPSA (VACCUE PRESSURE SWING ADSOREPTION) this 92 % bio methane is successfully bottles into CNG cylinders at 150 bar pressure with the help of compressor. This technology is developed indigenously.

The other product which comes out of biogas digester is the slurry which can be used as Biofertilizers to surrounding agriculture farms or can be dried to 30% moisture (Requirement) and the water can be recycled back to digester. The initial reports of this biogas slurry are very encouraging and the values of carbon and nitrogen suggests the improvement in soil conditioning.& great potential to improve the productivity from  plant & agriculture

This project has real potential to solve

  • Pollution/ Environmental issues by way of trapping Carbon, Nitrogen and other gases which otherwise released in environment through CO2,Ammonia, and other gases to produce greenhouse effect.
  • The battery cages & mechanical transportation of Litter to digester solves the issue of bad smell/odour, and fly issue besides very healthier conditions in poultry farming leading to good productivity and cleanliness in the farm.
  • We have confirmed there is increase in the profitability by Rs 0.50 per day/ bird by selling bio methane, Bio fertilizers and saving through electricity production for own use.
  • The price of bio methane (92%) is targeted at Rs 50/- kg to end user (Todays Price of LPG though having less calorific is Rs 80/- kg)and Bio fertilizers at Rs 5/ per kg (With 30% moisture) The value addition to the end user is immense through cost saving and also through productivity .Please note that this is a green fuel. The soil conditioning & Productivity by plant is not yet evaluated and the initial results are very encouraging.
  • The countries like India have to spend lot of foreign currency on import of fossil Fuels/ Gases and fertilizers. I am sure the saving by my country will be huge besides giving employment to considerable manpower and also opening the door for one more renewable energy source which otherwise pollutes environment.

After feeling the advantages of this project we are now in the final stage of 1000 Kg /- day compressed bio methane production and 20 Mt / day composted Biofertilizers plant. We are expecting to finish this within 60 days.

I am sure many more such projects in India will help in keeping India clean and produce energy from waste and serve better for National cause.